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Andalusia tea » TeaTeaMoroccan Mint Tea Green tea served with fresh mint.Vanilla Rooibos Rooibos Vanilla, combines rich,

warm dark sugar aroma of vanilla

with mellow and grounding rooibos

herb from South Africa. Soothing

,sweet and very 'beany' vanilla

fragrance. Naturally caffeine free!Persian Tea The Bergamot fragrance is enchantingRussian Caravan Tea A blend of oolong, keemun, and

lapsang souchong teas.It is described

as an aromatic and full-bodied tea

with a sweet, malty taste.Indian Spiced Chai Great on a cold day to warm you up,

spicy & sweet chaiChinese White Tea While Chinese tea drinkers have been

hip to white tea’s benefits since the

Ming Dynasty, until recently it was

virtually unknown outside of Asia.Bianca A delightful herbal blend with

chamomile, orange peel, hibiscus,

and orange flavor, this custom blend

is a natural stress reliever that can boost

immunity and promote relaxation.

Caffeine free.Jasmine A 1997 study by The Chinese

University of Hong Kong found that

drinking jasmine green tea could

protect red blood cells from cell death

caused by free radicals. Its worth

a sip, don’t you think?Dejarling Gold Tips A black Indian tea of the highest

quality.Kenya Green Tea Kenya Green Tea is a light refreshing

change from the usual green tea.Fancy Gromosa Oolong Floral and peach-pit fragrance that

hangs heavy on the palate hours later

. Incredibly sweet and lush.Figi Earl Grey Deep lush organic China green tea

flavored with juicy pineapple and a

touch of papaya.Green Monkey Green tea (to not be confused by its

name) that grows along the slopes

of the Taimu mountains in the

Fujian province of China. The young

leaves and unopened buds are

gathered and processed exclusively by

hand. The result is a tea that appears

intricately woven with large and

beautiful white tips. It produces a

warm colored cup, infused with a

fresh, almost wildflower sweet scent

and slightly dry finish.strong Earl Grey h3 and satisfying.Hibiscus & Rose Hips A common herbal combination is hibiscusand rose hips. The two flavors complement

each other because rose hips are slightly tart,and hibiscus offers a sweet lemon flavorHerbal Fruit Blend Great ice tea!Yunnan Gold Tip A world class black tea from the Yunnan Province Chinese Rose Congoo Rose Black Tea is made from Black Tea which has been scented with rose petals.

When brewed this tea has a reddish-brown hue. Its taste and aroma is malt sugar-like

with a light rose and floral undertone.Tunisian Tea Green tea served with mint and pine nutsVinacafe $3 Vietnamese instant coffee with Buon ME Thout coffee beans cream and sugar.Turkish Coffe $3 The most popular coffee in the world