Best Sexual Positions – Drive Her Wild

If you want to give your partner the best sex ever then you should definitely learn about the best sexual positions. This knowledge will elevate you to being better than virtually every other lover out there. In this report I’m going to tell you exactly what you should do to be the best…

Men make many mistakes while sex which ruin even the best sexual positions. The first portion of this report is to make sure that you aren’t making these mistakes because if you do then even the best sex positions will be ruined. Understand that women are sexual creatures and love sex. With this in mind I’m going to tell you the mistakes that men make, the way to rectify them and the best sexual positions.

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Top mistakes that guys make while sexual intercourse:

Best Sexual Positions – Drive Her Wild

Thinking sex with your partner is a porno!

Taking sex positions from a porno is a bad idea because the stars aren’t using the best feeling sexual positions, just the ones that look best on camera. Some of these are well very bad for sexual pleasure. Asking her what her popular sexual positions are is a great start.

Letting her do all the work when she’s on top:

Women like to be in control at times, but letting her get tired out while you lay there isn’t conducive to being a stud in the bedroom. Do some of the work!

Being a wuss!

Women love sex, and they like occasionally being pushed and pulled about (during the height of sexual pleasure). Please read that again. If you have a romantic kiss as foreplay, then you immediately start pushing her nearby you’ll find that this isn’t sexy. If you build the sexual tension then in the end she’ll want it hard and fast – after the romance!

Afterwards make sure that you let her know that what happens at the height of sexual delight is just roleplay by kissing her and telling her that you feel very close to her and that she’s a beautiful woman.

Not being able to maintain an erection:

Learning the best sexual positions is useless if you can’t avow an erection. Impotence is a qoute for many men. At the end of this report I’m going to tell you how to cure this.

Not being able to last long adequate to satisfy her:

Again, if I told you the best positions for sex it would be wasted on a guy who suffers from premature ejaculation. Just like impotence, this is very easy to cure, and I’ll impart how I did it!

The very best sexual positions:

Doggie Style – World famous, this position is almost as popular as the missionary position. To make it better you should point your penis down and hit her g-spot.

Missionary – This is maybe the most popular because it’s the intimate and efficient and pleasurable for both partners. To improve it you should learn the capability to go harder and faster after a slow start!

The real incommunicable is to make any position good. For this you need a hard, large penis with lots of stamina. This way she’s sure to be satisfied. I used to be terrible in bed until I decided to make my penis bigger and better. I used natural penis enlargement [] techniques to do this and the results mean that all sexual positions are the best sexual positions because your penis is perfect.

To achieve this scientists took the blueprint of an 18 year old man at his sexual peak and supplement exactly what is lost to age. When you know what to use then you, too, can reach your sexual peak with a hard, huge penis with endurance.