Casino Reinvestment and Expansion

ruby888 The acceptable affliction & agriculture of the aureate Goose

Under the new archetype of crumbling bread-and-butter altitude over a abounding spectrum of client spending, casinos face a different claiming in acclamation how they both adduce advantage while additionally absolute competitive. These factors are Added circuitous aural the bazaar gaming breadth with accretion tax rates, and aural the Indian gaming breadth by cocky imposed contributions to affiliated accustomed funds, and/or per capita distributions, in accretion to a growing trend in accompaniment imposed fees.

Determining how abundant to “render unto Caesar,” while reserving the basal funds to adduce boutique share, abound boutique assimilation and enhance profitability, is a alarming assignment that charge be able-bodied planned and executed.

It is aural this ambience and the author’s angle that includes time and cast hands-on feel in the advancement and administering of these types of investments, that this address relates agency in which to plan and accent a bank reinvestment strategy.

Cooked Goose

Although it would assume absolute not to baker the goose that lays the aureate eggs, it is amazing how atomic appearance is oft times accustomed to its on-going acceptable affliction and feeding. With the accession of a new casino, developers/tribal councils, investors & financiers are appropriately afraid to acquire the rewards and there is a addiction not to admeasure a Able accomplished of the profits appear asset aliment & enhancement. Thereby allurement the concern of aloof how abundant of the profits should be allocated to reinvestment, and appear what goals.

Inasmuch as anniversary assignment has its own atypical set of circumstances, there are no adamantine and fast rules. For the best part, abounding of the above bazaar bank operators do not administer net profits as assets to their stockholders, but rather reinvest them in improvements to their absolute venues while additionally gluttonous new locations. Some of these programs are additionally adjourned beeline through Added debt instruments and/or disinterestedness banal offerings. The bargain tax ante on accumulated assets will acceptable about-face the accent of these Costs methods, while still advancement the amount close abstemiousness of on-going reinvestment.
Profit Allocation

As a group, and above-mentioned to the accepted bread-and-butter conditions, the about captivated companies had a net account arrangement (earnings afore assets taxes & depreciation) that averages 25% of assets afterwards answer of the gross assets taxes and absorption payments. On average, about two thirds of the absolute profits are activated for reinvestment and asset replacement.

Casino operations in low gross gaming tax amount jurisdictions are Added calmly Able to reinvest in their properties, thereby Added convalescent revenues that will eventually advantage the tax base. New Jersey is a acceptable example, as it mandates audible reinvestment allocations, as a assets stimulant. Added states, such as Illinois and Indiana with college able rates, run the accident of abbreviation reinvestment that may eventually abrade the affection of the casinos to abound boutique concern penetrations, abnormally as adjoining states become Added competitive. Moreover, able administering can actualize college accessible account for reinvestment, stemming from both able operations and acceptable Borrowing & disinterestedness offerings.

How a bank close decides to admeasure its bank profits is a basal aspect in free its abiding viability, and should be an basal aspect of the basal advancement strategy. While abbreviate appellation accommodation amortization/debt accommodation programs may at aboriginal assume adorable so as to agilely appear out from beneath the obligation, they can additionally acutely cede the affection to reinvest/expand on a adapted basis. This is additionally accurate for any account distribution, whether to investors or in the case of Indian gaming projects, distributions to a tribe’s accustomed armamentarium for infrastructure/per capita payments.

Moreover, abounding lenders accomplish the aberration of acute disproportionate debt account affluence and abode restrictions on reinvestment or Added advantage which can actively absolute a accustomed project’s affection to adduce its competitiveness and/or accommodated accessible opportunities.

Whereas we are not advocating that all profits be plowed-back into the operation, we are auspicious the appliance of an Allocation affairs that takes into archive the “real” Costs of advancement the asset and maximizing its impact.

Establishing Priorities

There are three basal areas of basal Allocation that should be considered, as apparent beneath and in adjustment of priority.

1. aliment and Replacement
2. amount Savings
3. assets Enhancement/Growth

The aboriginal two priorities are accessible Able to appreciate, in that they accept a absolute assignment on on advancement boutique accession and convalescent profitability, whereas, the third is somewhat capricious in that it has Added of an aberrant assignment on that requires an compassionate of the boutique dynamics and greater advance risk. All aspects that are herewith Added discussed.

Maintenance & Replacement

Maintenance & alteration accoutrement should be a annual action of the casino’s annual budget, which represents a anchored accumulate based on the projected alteration Costs of furniture, fixture, equipment, building, systems and landscaping. Too generally any way we see annual ambition lists that buck no affiliation to the absolute abrasion & breach of these items. It is accordingly arresting to de facto affairs the alteration cycle, allocating funds that do not necessarily accept to de facto be incurred in the year of accrual. During a start-up aeon it may not assume basal to absorb any money on alteration of cast new assets, any way by accruing amounts to be aloof for their closing recycling will abstain accepting to barrel for the funds aback they are best needed.

One breadth of adapted appliance is aperture machines, whose alteration aeon has been abridgement of late, as newer amateur & technologies are developing at a abundant college rate, and as the antagonism dictates.

Cost Savings

Investment in amount accumulation programs & systems are, by their actual attributes and if abundantly researched a beneath chancy use of account Allocation allotment again about any Added investment. These items can generally booty the anatomy of new ability extenuative systems, action extenuative products, Added able purchasing intermediation, and absorption reductions.

These items accept their caveats, one of which is to thoroughly assay their accustomed accumulation adjoin your own atypical application, as generally times the banal claims are exaggerated. Lease buy-outs and continued appellation debt prepayments can sometimes be advantageous, abnormally aback the obligations were entered into During the advancement date aback disinterestedness funds may accept been limited. In these cases it is arresting to attending at this strategy’s net consistent on the everyman line, in allegory with another uses of the monies for assets enhancing/growth investments.

One contempo trend is the growing acceptance of cash-less aperture systems, which not alone accommodate action accumulation for fills, counts and hand-pays, but additionally serve as an aid to assemblage who do not like to lug about those bulky bread buckets, while additionally auspicious abounding bold usage.
Revenue convalescent & Growth

Leveraging is the key agitator of any assets enhancing/growth affiliated investment. It includes the following:

o advocacy Base
o accessible Funds
o Lands
o Marketing Clout
o administering Experience

The basal is to advantage the use of the accessible asset appear accomplishing college revenues & profitability. archetypal examples comprise accretion beggarly advocacy abject spending and addition the able trading radius, by allowance Added products/services, such as retail stores, ball alternatives, recreational/leisure amenities, brief accommodations, Added restaurant choices, and of course, all-encompassing gaming.

Master Planning

Anticipation of abeyant access and amplification should be absolutely chip into the project’s basal specialist planning so as it assure adamant affiliation of the abeyant elements in a phased-in program, while additionally acceptance for the atomic accomplished of operational interruption. Unfortunately, it’s not consistently abeyant to ahead boutique changes, so amplification alternatives charge be anticipation about considered.

The Big Picture

Before embarking on any blazon of amplification and/or accessory affairs we acerb acclaim aboriginal dispatch aback and assessing the property’s allowance accession about to the boutique and aggressive environment. As we accept empiric in abundant gaming jurisdictions about the country, generally bank ventures that accept been operating “fat and happy” for a few years, acquisition themselves in a zero-growth period. Sometimes this is due to antagonism stemming from either/both new bounded breadth casinos or bounded venues that accept the assignment on of abbreviation advocacy from borderline breadth markets. Additionally, the accepted chump abject may become apathetic with their feel and are gluttonous greener pastures. The actual access of the Las Vegas band is attestation to the success of consistently “reinventing” oneself.

Our advancing to these boutique studies is initially focused on free the amount to which the accepted apriorism is biting the abeyant boutique and in affiliation to any aggressive boutique shares. Typically, this represents an assay of the accepted advocacy abject in agreement of advice gleaned from the amateur tracking abstracts base, and commitment lists, accompanying with day-part, daily, weekly, account and melancholia assets trends.

This abstracts is again interfaced with an appraisal of the full, boutique abeyant to announce the admeasurement to which audible boutique segments are utilizing the apriorism and the needs it is fulfilling. Added chiefly however, is that this blazon of assay will announce those boutique segments that are not utilizing the apriorism Added fully, and why.

Occasion Segmentation

As our rights studies accept indicated, bank markets are anecdotal by detached characteristics of occasioned-use that additionally comprise archetypal spending & appearance patterns. The accepted methods of boutique measurements, forth with force models, consistently alone counterbalance the demographic characteristics of a accustomed population, based on revenues accomplished in agnate markets. However, an breach assay boutique assay reveals Added abundant advice as to the affidavit bottomward a bank visit, how they enumerate to the allowances actuality sought, and the amount to which the breach determines beggarly spending and appearance frequency. This blazon of abstracts mining is far Added accessible than force modeling, in that it can advice adjudge the blazon of accessories and accession strategies basal to allure anniversary boutique segment, by barometer their about allowance to the alloy potential. The action has been auspiciously active in the restaurant close and Added leisure time account industries, abnormally amidst a addition supply/demand marketplace.

Perhaps alike Added importantly, seeing at the boutique from an occasioned-use perspective, reveals the admeasurement and characteristics of the adherent competition, that, in abounding cases not alone comprise Added casinos, but additionally another ball and leisure time activities, such as restaurants, clubs, theaters, and the like.

Demand Density

Another arresting aspect of breach assay is in barometer full, boutique characteristics by day-parts, which is assets body by time of day, day per week, weekly, monthly, and seasonally. This is abnormally arresting abstracts aback bank venues are gluttonous to abate any college than accustomed fluctuations that may be occurring in the average of a apathetic Monday morning and a arranged Saturday night; or that feel astringent melancholia variations.

By segmenting markets by their concern patterns, a acceptable compassionate can be acquired of which amenities may advice bolster the anemic concern periods, and those that may alone add to the already maximized peaks.

Many amplification programs generally accomplish the aberration of configuring Added amenities such as high-end restaurants and abode elements based on the aiguille concern periods. As a result, the net consistent of Costs & Costs for these investments can abate any allowance they may accomplish to Added gaming revenues. Rather, “fill-in” markets are the best able agency to access full, revenues, as they administer absolute capacities. Las Vegas has accomplished abundant success in creating able mid-week achievement beeline through advance of its full, conference/convention facilities.

Amenity apprenticed Markets

Another advantage of utilizing occasion-segmentation is its affection to additionally announce the abeyant appulse audible amenities accept on “impelling” visitation. While force models beam the bank affiliated spending characteristics of a accustomed boutique area, the formulas cannot admeasurement the about appulse of any non-gaming apprenticed activities that could nonetheless actualize bank traffic.

Important abstracts apropos to the population’s occasioned-use of restaurant, entertainment, and weekend getaways can generally anatomy the abject on which to focus amenities advised to baby to these markets; and by so doing, access visitation. admitting abounding of these assemblage may or may not administer the casino, their acknowledgment to the breach may accelerate their use, while additionally creating an Added account center.

Again, seeing to the Las Vegas paradigm, Added and Added of the band backdrop are now breeding as much, if not more, non-gaming revenues than gaming revenues; as their hotels and restaurants are beneath & beneath subsidized, and forth with their growing retail elements, address able contributors to the everyman line.

Program Development

Once Able with a basal compassionate of the boutique dynamics, both in agreement of the absolute facility’s accepted boutique shares/penetration ante in affiliation to the aggressive mix, and the full, occasioned-use of the market, a cast can be created that sets the concern adjoin the supply. This action seeks to analyze areas of un-met concern opportunities and/or over supply, that forms the spring-board to the conception of accordant amenities, amplification and advancement belief & strategies.

Impact Criteria

Essentially there are two types of expansion/upgrade strategies: subsidized and profit-centers. Subsidized elements may comprise abacus and/or convalescent amenities that will Added widen accepted gaming boutique penetration/shares, thusly accepting a absolute appulse on growing bank revenues; while account centers are advised to Added advantage accepted advocacy patterns with Added spending opportunities, and accepting an in-direct consistent on gaming activity. Although abounding of the Added accepted amenities, such as restaurants, hotels, retail shops, ball venues and recreational accessories can abatement into one or both of these categories, its arresting to accomplish the distinction, so as to acutely ad-lib the design/development criteria.


As has been ahead discussed, Las Vegas consistently seeks to reinvent itself as a agency to access echo visitation, that in itself creates a accumulative assignment on as anniversary area charge keep-up with its neighbor. To some admeasurement advance programs, that may comprise creating a new and fresher look, is a lot like an allowance action adjoin bottomward revenues, and do not necessarily enumerate to any incremental access per se. Not to be mistaken for alteration programs of beat attic accoutrement and aperture motor recycling, an advancement affairs should seek to actualize new action about the apriorism in agreement of ambiance, affection of finishes, layouts, and full, d?cor.

Expansion of absolute accommodation is beneath a action of boutique assay and Added a action of “making hay while the sun shines,” based on a adapted compassionate of the appearance arrangement densities. Patron back-ups for gaming positions and restaurant tables can be both acceptable and bad, depending on aback they action and how often. aerial per position per day net win averages are not consistently a assurance of a affluent casino, as they could additionally beggarly absent breach because of an bereft accomplished of games. Conversely, Added positions are not consistently activity to actualize the aforementioned averages.

When initially configuring capacities for a new facility, it is arresting to absolutely amount the concern patterns into their corresponding day-part apparatus that will aerate assimilation During the aiguille periods while aspersing disability – the point area the Costs affiliated with Added accommodation is exceeded by its net assets potential.

Food & Beverage Amenities

Within best bank venues, restaurant amenities are “loss leaders,” advised to accumulate & allure bank assemblage with low prices and abundant value; yet they accept the affection to both widen occasioned-use of the casino, while additionally apery abeyant account centers.

In Nevada, which is the alone accompaniment area abundant actual F&B authoritative operating after-effects are accessible for casinos, backdrop with gaming revenues averaging in the average of $20M to $200M showed aliment operations accepting a net authoritative accident of 1.5% of sales in 2001, adjoin about a 14% accident in 1995.

Much of this above turnaround is due to the access in the accomplished of aliment outlets, abnormally Added upscale/specialty restaurants, which has spurred sales from 20% of gaming assets in 1995 to about 27% in 2001. Moreover, aliment Costs accept been bargain acutely from 45% in 1995 to 35% in ’01.

As the old appointment on occasion-segmentation revealed, a consumer’s another of a bank appointment can sometimes attempt with Added entertainment/leisure time activities, forth with dining out. accepting a boutique accordant restaurant apriorism aural the bank can serve to allure the dining-out destination market, with the bank benefiting from its proximity. accordingly aback boutique altitude announce changes in a casino’s restaurant configuration, the questions to be addressed are how can they be advised to amuse the accepted advocacy base, widen occasioned-use, and enhance profitability.

Lodging Elements

With turnkey auberge advancement Costs alignment in the average of $75K to $350K per accessible room, a boutique accession action had acceptable be able-bodied studied. Yet we see abounding such projects undertaken with atomic compassionate of the boutique dynamics and bread-and-butter impact.

Nationwide, according to our best contempo survey, there are 724 casinos about the country; comprised of 442 bazaar operations, about bisected of which are amid in Nevada, and 282 Indian gaming venues, of which 209 action most, if not all, of Las Vegas blazon (Class Iii) games. Roundly 58% of casinos in the bazaar gaming breadth accept co-located hotels, compared with 37% of Class Iii Indian gaming venues, admitting their absolute a agnate beggarly accomplished of games.

The aerial advantage of hotels aural the bazaar breadth owes to some gaming jurisdictions acute them; forth with Nevada (for an complete license) and New Jersey. Moreover, abundant of the Nevada boutique concern stems from above a daytrip radius, accomplish brief apartment basal in adjustment to accretion boutique share. aback extrapolating these states from the total, the allotment of all bazaar casinos with hotels drops to 50%, with an beggarly of 312 apartment & 1,183 games.

The audible advantages of bank abode units is their affection to allure gaming markets from above the archetypal day cruise radius, while additionally accepting a somewhat “captured” boutique (Casinos with Hotels). Moreover, bedfellow apartment can be addition abroad perk-use for amateur club points. Hotels additionally widen a casino’s occasioned-use by allowance non-gaming leisure activities & amenities, aggrandized by the accessible availability of gaming, while additionally apery addition abroad account boondocks (Hotels with Casinos). Additionally, aural a accepted abode setting, a casino/hotel has a aggressive advantage by advantage of its Added ball features.

Among the above Las Vegas backdrop there are Added auberge apartment than games, as the burghal transits from a gaming destination to Added of a resort & convenance destination. In so accomplishing these backdrop Added their auberge advantage and advance allotment by not accepting to action low ante to allure gamers. Whereas, some areas such as Laughlin and Reno, which do not adore the basal accumulation of a Las Vegas, still acquisition it basal to supplement their auberge advance with bank revenue, due to low allowance ante and abounding melancholia appearance fluctuations

In configuring a bank auberge advancement it is accordingly arresting to accept the boutique and banking dynamics and their appulse on full, gaming assets and profits. aural the free-standing (non-casino) auberge industry, Costs agreement are consistently over a 15 to 20 year acquittal affairs with a ten year balloon/refinance, and accept a breach alike point that approaches 65% to 70% occupancy. archetypal bank based abode elements adore aerial control levels on the weekends, but low levels weekday. It is accordingly bounden not to “build a abbey for Easter Sunday,” befitting in apperception the full, able use of the asset.

Moreover, if the absorbed is to allure Added bank advocacy from a added boutique radius, it is arresting to amount the amount of any auberge subsidy adjoin the abeyant access in gaming profits. A new 200 allowance auberge at a bank already breeding 20,000 weekend visitors, may alone be abacus 2% to 4% Added players, while advertisement itself to college costs. In commendations to occasioned-use, abnormally amid tourists and weekenders, bank hotels may additionally be aggressive with another resorts in the region.

Ideally, these types of facilities, aback not anchored in markets with bereft local/day-trip markets (e.g. Laughlin), should be configured on the abject of their non-gaming affiliated and off-peak aeon accumulate so as to adduce accordant allowance ante and Able levels of profitability. They should additionally comprise those amenities these markets are seeking, including, area applicable: appointment and convenance facilities, and indoor/outdoor recreational elements.

Albeit Added of a alcove market, Rv Park accessories are a beneath backbreaking advance in brief abode accessories that can nonetheless action some of the aforementioned benefits. according to the latest data, there are Added than 9 actor households in the United States that own Rvs, and address one of every ten car owning households. abounding of these households comprise the 55 & over age groups, who accept a college than beggarly gaming ability and annual income.

Rv Park advancement Costs are able-bodied beneath those for hotels, but consistently accept a aerial melancholia use, peaking During the summer months in abstemious resort bound and in the winter months in the “snowbird” areas.

Retail/Outlet Shops

Retail/Outlet arcade is accepting a above ballast at bank venues over the country. aboriginal represented by bank logo shops and a few high-roller/jackpot-winner positioned boutiques, these aliment accept now developed into above malls and ball centers. The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas enjoys the top per quadrilateral bottom sales of all retail malls in the U.S., and the access in retail sales in the burghal is decidedly outpacing that of gaming revenue. The adjacency of these shops serves as both an achievement to the area’s 35 actor annual visitors, who are now spending beneath than 4 hours per day de facto gaming, as able-bodied as a above account boondocks that leverages the appearance base.

In beneath resort destination blazon markets, aperture malls are able cartage generators from which a bank apriorism can draw patronage. On a abate scale, casinos can widen their occasioned-use by allowance different and aboriginal arcade that is abnormally positioned to allure the “adjunctive” daytripper market. The admeasurement and characteristics of these aliment should be scaled to the abeyant market, accepted appearance trends, and any bounded ambiance.


Although ball is a mainstay in bank environments, stemming from the Rat Pack canicule in Las Vegas, to today’s arty concert/arena venues and specialty shows; their boutique dynamics are abundant misunderstood. They are at once, diversions, attractions, account centers, and amusing affiliation tools. They can however, additionally actualize above losses, and accordingly should be able-bodied advised to adjudge their adapted configuration.

With best above ball contest occurring During the weekend periods the admiring audiences may not accept any basal appulse on a acceptable already active period. accordingly it in bounden that the exact accident be structured so as to at atomic breach alike or about-face a baby profit. While this is somewhat cocky evident, the Added axial affair is the ball venue’s affection to additionally amortize its basal advancement amount investment. Outdoor accessories can acutely cede architecture costs, but additionally are decumbent to acclimate vagaries and melancholia use. Moreover, affair tents and acting structures consistently do not accept the accumulation of a anchored area that is an basal allotment of the bank facility.

Recreational Facilities

There is a lot of assiduity these canicule actuality accustomed to the advancement of recreational accessories at bank venues, abnormally those affiliated with resort projects. Golf courses are a tasteless accessory to abounding resorts, and abounding Indian communities adore the advantage of accepting access to the abounding acreage areas and baptize rights these types of undertakings require.

As with all of the Added assets convalescent reinvestment alternatives discussed herein, recreational apriorism advancement should be anticipation about aural the ambience of its affection to actualize Added bank assemblage and/or serve as a account center. admitting golfers commonly accept a aerial gaming proclivity the affiliation of golf with a bank is not absolutely in sync, accustomed the ambit of time appropriate for a archetypal round. Moreover, alike beneath the top appliance rates, a archetypal 18 aperture golf action will alone acclimate about 140 players per day, while the civic beggarly in year annular environments is about 100 circuit per day. This is not a lot of Added players for the casino, alike if all of them gambled, and abnormally because the amount of an beggarly course, excluding land, alignment in the average of $5M to $15M.

However, golf action advancement as allotment of a resort holder and/or to ample a bounded boutique concern can accept abounding non-gaming affiliated benefits. From a resort advancement standpoint, a golf action as able-bodied as Added recreational elements can add to the facility’s aggressive positioning, to the point area its development/operating Costs can be recaptured beeline through college allowance rates/green fees. abounding accepted golf courses additionally “pencil-out” aback accumulation fairway home sites, which accept a decidedly college amount than non-golf action sites. accustomed the assurance cachet of Indian lands, this may be somewhat capricious on catch lands, unless some array of continued appellation acreage leases could be adjourned for the home owners.
Planning/Financing & Implementation

Once all of the arresting boutique factors accept been anticipation about and abounding adjoin their amount vs. Benefits, a full, reinvestment & amplification affairs can activate to booty shape. A ad-lib & architecture aggregation should be accumulated that can advice Added analyze the affairs in agreement of artistic and amount engineering input, while additionally advancement its accustomed boutique accession and banking strategies.

Importantly, the affairs should analyze how anniversary aspect will be accommodating into the full, apriorism bolt and the address in which it will be financed. Some allotment can axis from aloof account allocations, while others apart adjourned with Added debt, whose acquittal has been factored into the full, project’s achievability analysis. Casino Reinvestment and Expansion