Cenk Uygur on Bipartisanship

Cenk Uygur on Bipartisanshipexpects them to help the rich and the powerful. But the Democrats need cover, and they have the perfect excuse in the mantle of bipartisanship. What could they do, the Republicans made them do it! And aren’t they so reasonable for compromising?    Notice the Republicans never pushed for bipartisanship when they were in office. They didn’t need the cover. Yet when the Democrats are in office there is an unending quest for bipartisanship. Why? Do you think it’s just because the Democrats are more reasonable? No, they need the political cover more when they give the lobbyists what they want.    If the politicians actually split the difference between progressive and conservative positions, I might disagree from time to time, but I could live with it. Abortion is a great example. Although I hate the Stupak Amendment attached to the health care bill in the House, I think it was the least objectionable part of the process for me. Why?    Because that appeared to be a real ideological compromise. There were no corporate interests involved. I’m completely pro-choice but I understand that there are many people in this country who are pro-life. And if you don’t like that they won on that issue, then vote the other way. But as long as they are acting in good faith, there is nothing wrong with ideological differences and political compromise.    The problem is selling out to corporate America in the guise of settling political differences. And here it comes again in financial reform. Here is the statement that Senator Dodd’s office just put out:    "Chris is retiring so he wants to end his career with an important regulatory reform bill and he wants to make the bill bipartisan. He is not going to risk bipartisan support to make the White House happy."    Translation:    "Chris is retiring and would like to get a high paying job on K Street, and hence, he will pretend to be bipartisan and reach convenient compromises with the Republicans in his committee to gut this bill and protect the corporate interests he will soon be serving."    And guess what, it turns out that compromises that Sen. Dodd (D) and Sen. Shelby (R) have been working on wind up reducing consumer protection, allowing the banks to take more risks and make more money at taxpayer expense. Who could have seen that coming? I guess that’s another lucky break for corporate America! How can a small group of people keep getting so lucky?    Political bipartisanship is a fraud. It’s meant to cover up bipartisan crime. The media and the Democrats aren’t telling you the truth. The only thing they’re compromising away is your interests. The people who sell out the most are the ones that are revered the most as centrists and moderates. It’s all a sham. They’re not centrists, they’re corporatists. Don’t believe the hype. Bipartisanship doesn’t help you, it helps the lobbyists.