Downloading Free Tenancy Agreements – A Checklist for Uk Landlords Wanting Free Tenancy Agreements

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Free tenancy agreement



Many landlords look to minimise their costs. By a landlord rescue on their overheads this will help a landlord to maximise their net revenue. One way that a landlord can potentially save money is by obtaining a free assured shorthold tenancy agreement. Ostensibly there should be no divergence for a landlord in securing a free tenancy business transaction than one that they have to pay for.

Cost savings by Downloading Free Tenancy Agreements

The cost savings for a landlord obtaining a free tenancy business transaction are not huge. For instance it is inherent to accumulate a tenancy business transaction for as diminutive as £5; most landlords will pay nearer £10 for a tenancy agreement. However, these costs mount up if a tenancy form has to be purchased each time a landlord creates a new tenancy. For a landlord that potentially creates 3 tenancies a year this would whole to a inherent rescue of £30.

Where to get a free tenancy agreement

There are a whole of websites that allow landlords to accumulate a free tenancy agreement. To my knowledge there are at least four. The best way for landlord to find a free tenancy business transaction is to Google the term. This will bring up a whole of opportunities for landlords to accumulate a free copy of a tenancy agreement.

Most websites that furnish a free tenancy business transaction want the landlord to sign up for a tenancy business transaction and then they will send or enable the landlord to download a blank tenancy business transaction that has to be filled out using pen and ink. The details in this tenancy business transaction have to be filled in several times as a landlord requires a tenancy business transaction for themselves and each of the tenants they are letting to.

There is one website that provides free tenancy business transaction in a slightly distinct way in that the landlords’ sign up details are used to pre-populate the tenancy agreement. This tenancy is then stored on the landlords unique user catalogue as a narrative and can be down loaded and printed as a Pdf any time by the landlord before being given to the tenant. There are advantages for the landlord of this mode of operation in that the landlords tenancy agreements are accessible everywhere the landlord has internet access. The landlord also has no fear of losing their tenancy business transaction should they suffer a hardware failure or loss.

Things a landlord should look out for in getting a free tenancy agreement

A tenancy business transaction needs to set out the landlords and tenants’ ownership and responsibilities. Therefore, it’s important that any solicitor that prepares this tenancy business transaction is suitably experienced and qualified. A landlord should make sure that they can check out the source of their free tenancy business transaction and that the tenancy business transaction has not just been ‘cobbled together’ by an unscrupulous website operator. Otherwise a landlord might find that the free tenancy business transaction is not worth the paper the tenancy business transaction is printed on!

If their is no mention or link to the solicitor who has prepared the free tenancy business transaction or to the nature of it’s source then I would advise landlords to move on, or at least touch the website to accumulate this information.