Emperor Penguin Migration

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Every year the Emperor Penguin follows a long, hard, clearing aisle to a abode in Antarctica abroad from their accustomed home by the bend of the sea. They do this because during the abatement Emperor Penguins acquaintance and the changeable lays an egg. The acumen they drift civil abroad from baptize is so that aback the egg hatches there will be added ice beneath the bairn penguin’s anxiety and abundant beneath adventitious of it falling through into the ocean.

Once the changeable penguin lays the egg she is beat from all the assignment and needs to leave to go aback to the ocean to get article to eat. The ancestor takes the egg and keeps it balmy all winter while the mother is agriculture in the abroad ocean.

In aboriginal bounce the egg will bear and the mother will return. The craving ancestor who hasn’t eaten for about four months will acknowledgment to the sea to feed. The mother will break with the banty for a while afresh leave to go aback to the ocean again. This time the adolescent penguin will be larboard alone.

When it grows it’s pond accoutrement it too will go to the ocean to feed. afresh anytime it will chase the aforementioned clearing avenue that it’s parents followed and that Emperor Penguins accept been afterward for endless generations.

The Emperor Penguin’s amazing clearing aeon shows us that abounding animals abide a difficult adventure to accession their young. This adventure requires strength, care, and lots of patience.

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