Free public Marriage Records In the United States


The Thrill Isn’t Gone


It’s always a thrill to get something for free and this is no distinct when you are trying to search American public marriage records. However, searching the smart way for a copy of a marriage license or other vital description is crucial so that you do not become victim to a misleading quest website. Many of these unscrupulous records providers try to lure in unsuspecting citizen like you who are seeking marriage records in the United States by plastering the word “free” on their starting pages. It’s only when you get further on the website are you made aware of quest fees that often add up to much more than a professional, trustable provider charges.

The easy fact is that under United States law, each state is required to fee a small fee for the searching and copying of vital records. Sure, data about requesting and obtaining a separation description is free, as is confirming that the dissolution of marriage did occur within a safe bet state, in some cases. But, again, it is United States law that a small fee must be charged for any vital description copy, so the idea of “free public marriage records” certainly comes with legal limitations. This law also holds that if a vital description is not found, the fee is non-refundable as it must legally be applied to the records quest itself. Above board records providers effect the law and do not try to mislead website visitors, so beware of the difference.

Just Your Type

The type of public marriage description you will need and receive will vary by state. There are three main types of public marriage records: a certificate, a license and a description of Marriage. A marriage license is a document that permits a concentrate to be married. This means that the two parties have satisfied state requirements such as being of legal age or receiving parental permission as well as taken any mandatory action such as getting blood tests and/or a corporeal exam.

A description of Marriage is a temporary substitute for a marriage certificate in many states, but in some states, it may legally stand on its own as proof of a matrimonial union. Whether of these documents may be issued at the wedding ceremony. Many states need the person performing the ceremony to sign and date the document as well as have one or two witnesses add a signature.

Fees for public marriage records vary in the United States. At the time of this writing, Illinois charges , while Connecticut’s fee for a certified copy of a marriage license is . Many other states fee currently such as New York City, Arkansas, the District of Columbia, Montana and Georgia. The age of the records also varies by state depending on when marriages began being recorded by law. A marriage license or other type of description may be ready from the 1890s in Alaska, 1841 in Hawaii, 1947 in Idaho and 1969 in Delaware. Sometimes, viewing an old description is without charge, so in that case these are free public marriage records.