G-Spot Stimulation – How To Find and Stimulate The G-Spot

The most hindrances couples face in a long term friendship are how to keep lovemaking red, steamy and hot. In the beginning of a relationship, the newness and passion of manufacture love are always on the mind but as the initial love at first sight fades away, it becomes harder to still remain in that relationship. Have you ever noticed that women have separate kinds of orgasms? It’s nothing new that the main grail of all the female orgasms is inherent straight through the g-spot, looking and knowing ways to satisfy the g-spot is a difficult task. Below are the few things you can do to enjoy sex with your woman and find the g-spot.


How to find the G-Spot


Before I start, the g-spot is not an actual spot but its a zone, it is settled about 2 inches inside the vagina on the topside, you will know when you have found it when you feel a ribbed bump, is like the roof of your mouth just begin your front teeth.

G-Spot Stimulation – How To Find and Stimulate The G-Spot

How to stimulate women G-spot

While most men would love to satisfy their ladies with intercourse, it’s not always the best idea. This is because it depends on factors like the position, her level of arousal, and penis and vaginal shape and size. To cut the long story short using fingers is the easiest way to reach orgasm with the most chance of


What you must do before stimulating the G-Spot

In every case women clitoris should be stimulated first before stimulating the g-spot. When it is fully stimulated, it will be too sensitive for direct contact. When the clitoris is uncomfortable and dry, you can then move into the g-spot.

The best positions to stimulate the G-Spot

To fully stimulate the g-spot, you are supposed to be in a way that will give you easy entrance to enjoy your sex. They are: Your partner should lie on her back while you lie next to her using your stronger arm, she should sit in a dogie-style position while you sit and pleasure her from behind. Meanwhile if you need more excitement and pleasure, shift from one position to another while you are stimulating.

How to stimulate the G-spot with techniques

The petition you should use is “come over here” gesture with your fingers. always bear in mind that the g-spot and clitoris are different, which implies that sometimes you will hit it harder than the clitoris. Begin by massaging it smoothly and work your way to a point she finds exciting.

How to tell if she’s enjoying it

Bear in mind that the best feeling is not the same with all women, it varies from women to women. Alternate between two small movements to see which way she likes it the best, you will be able to study what she truly loves by the way she breathes or when she holds you tight, with all this I have said there is a recipe to make this experience more pleasurable, consuming and enjoyable.

The missing guide to powerful orgasms

Did you know that extended foreplay is said to intensify orgasms? That’s true, men mostly focus on acting but they forget about spicing up their lovemaking with consuming and new styles. When you take your clothes off, away you go and in a few second or minutes the show is over. As the bedroom magic fades, it gets harder and harder to make women achieve orgasms.

The calculate is because women hunger for variety in their sexual intercourse, the best and easiest way to please women long term is to have a whole lot of ideas ready to come out whenever you are in the mode for lovemaking. I must stress on the need to keep your lovemaking fresh and consuming in every way, it’s the incommunicable to a fulfilled lovemaking.