How Drug Trafficking Affects The United States And Its Youth

Today, drug trafficking is a scourge that is affecting roughly all nations and their youth. The United States is no different. According to the National Household witness on Drug Abuse (Nhsda), a witness conducted by Samhsa (Substance Abuse and reasoning Services Administration) and the following startling statistics were revealed:

1. An estimated 14.8 million Americans currently use illicit drugs

2. An estimated 6.4 million Americans use cocaine, heroine, hallucinogens

Drug use and its consequences threaten and work on the nation and its population from every socio-economic background, geographic region, and population with any level of education. Expanding use of illegal drugs among the youth is quite alarming. Kids suffer from life-long dependency problems by intelligent substances like heroine and cocaine. Early use of illicit drugs leads to unhealthy behavior. It also associates itself with unwanted gravidity and premature sexual operation which results in exposure to Stds (sexually transmitted diseases).

The Us suffers an every year loss of about 70 billion dollars due to drug-related illnesses, death, and drug related crimes. Illicit drug users are unaware of the fact that drug abuse indirectly or directly affects their family, their neighborhood, their business, their instruction and their condition adversely.

Harmful drugs consumed by pregnant women work on both the mum as well as the unborn child. Maternal drug abuse contributes to birth defects and child mortality. According to a new research, the use of drugs by a pregnant woman may follow in poor improvement of the child after birth and they are more likely to die from sudden child death syndrome or Sids.

It has been observed that teens intelligent marijuana are most likely to consume cocaine in later years. The second ordinarily consumed drug after marijuana is a stimulant. Most 12th graders use Lsd on a monthly basis. Using Lsd stimulates the mind but can severely work on the nervous system. A teenager can risk his life by intelligent drugs and is also more vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases as well as Aids.

With the rise in consumption of drugs, drug-related crimes are Expanding steadily and thus leading to numerous drug related arrests whether because of ownership of drugs or thefts committed to fund the drug habit.

By ruby888