HuzzahWe won

Huzzah.We won.fighting the Xristian Xrazies on moral issues, we’ve conceded that fight. It’s no longer about looking out for each other, it is now about I’ve got mine, screw you. For Jeebus.Both parties now bow and scrape to money and power, and the rest of us take off our shoes when asked and allow our children to be groped by representatives of our government. Welcome to that Kinder, Gentler Nation, The Thousand Points of Light. This is Morning in America.We have bankrupted our country, killed untold thousands (millions?) of people in the name of hunting-down one man. Well, allegedly this is why we are embroiled in two out of three wars in the Middle East. Even Chimpy admitted after a while that OBL wasn’t the goal and that he didn’t think about him too much (but I’m paraphrasing, of course).Besides bankrupting ourselves, we also have morally corrupted ourselves in pursuit of this man. We have destroyed everything. We have tortured. We have snatched people up off the street, without due process, and sent them out of the country to be tortured. We have secret prisons God-only-knows-where in which we torture and kill people in hopes of obtaining actionable intelligence. All of our lofty American ideals we sold out based upon the word of honor of a man (without honor) nicked named Curveball. Our government for the past decade has been run by war criminals, but we don’t care, and we have not fought to bring them to justice. But, on the bright side, we’ve been able to watch Dancing with the Stars (featuring Briskett Palin®) and The Apprentice (featuring that short- and fat-fingered vulgarian, The Donald).And now we have reached a moment of truth of sorts, the bull is dying, and we stand like some sort of Picador, sword aloft, and the ear ready to be severed and tossed into the crowd. We have killed the mastermind of the horrible attacks of September 11, and we have dumped the body in the ocean (the snickering class says this is to be respectful of Muslims, but the rest of us know that this is actually so that traffe like crabs, lobsters and shrimp get the last laugh) . The joke I heard today was (and yes, I laughed at first): Have you heard about the new Osama Cocktail? Two shots and a splash!We are a morbid lot.It does not seem all that long ago we all reacted in horror at the Iraqis when they strung up a group of American Blackwater mercenaries, beheaded them, burned the corpses, and then children battered them with sticks, and started singing and chanting. When I see the videos of Americans chanting USA! USA! USA! and acting tribal, I wonder how much more civilized we are than those savages we reacted in horror to not that long ago.We have become the thing we deplored.So while so many of our fellow countrymen pat each other on the back for a challenge well-met (after nearly a decade, but who is counting?), no one seems to be asking about the real cost that has been paid, both financially and spiritually. I see the videos of us, American savages, singing about bloodlust, I see a country impoverished and willing to kick grandparents out on the street to quite literally die rather than raise taxes on corporations (that are not paying taxes even as we literally kill ourselves in the oil fields for them), I see a people whose ideals of law and fair play completely diminished, I see people who are willingly eaves-dropped upon, spied upon, giving up their right to privacy, dignity, and whatever it is that substitutes for the pursuit of happiness while we crumble into a third-world nation. I see a once-proud people cringing in fear of the future.Yeah, so huzzah for us. We got him. We won.                                                                                                                                   from Mock, Paper, Scissors