Iran, Israel, Syria, and the United States at War?


Will Iran admittedly push the Middle East into war? And if it does will the United States be involved? Israel is very worried that Iran will get nuclear weapons, and then give those nuclear weapons to international terrorist organizations. The Us State agency does think Hamas and Hezbolla terrorist organizations – both groups are funded by Iran, and have fired thousands of rockets into Israel in the past. Okay, so let’s talk about this for a moment shall we.


If Iran attacked Israel, admittedly the United States would get involved. If Iran attacked Us bases in Afghanistan, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, or the Uae, then obviously, the Us would be involved. Iran has a war pact with Syria, in other words if Syria gets in a war, Iran will back them up, and vice versa. Of course, right now Syria is busy with their own Civil War bread of the Arab Spring, so it can’t do much to help Iran if Iran gets into a fight with a Western power.

Iran very much considers the use of proxy terrorists as a tool to fight the Western world. President Bush recently noted while a private speech in India, what I think all Americans already know. The quote was published in the India Times; “If Iran goes after Israel, the Us will go after Iran,” Bush said, referring to the tense stand-off in the Middle-East over Iran’s nuclear weapons programme. “While manufacture history, timing is most important.”

Who could disagree with that unavoidable logic? Now then, the interrogate would be what if Israel preempts Iran’s nuclear weapons amelioration and attacks those facilities? Will the Us get involved, or coordinate an strike with them? perhaps not and therein lies the question. Therefore, one could say that the great way to play this would be to have the Us preempt Iran’s nuclear agenda to preclude the potential eventuality of a nuclear weapon over Tel Aviv or any other soft very populated target in the future.

Iran of policy will continue developing nuclear weapons, rather than advent clean, ending sanctions, agreeing for cradle-to-grave Iaea inspections on its uranium, and intriguing into the 21st century as a peaceful nation. Iran has so much to gain by plainly folding on this card game, but apparently the religious connotations, Islamic law, and need to be one with the end of times encapsulizes their thinking decision-making. That’s unfortunate.

Everyone hates war, but sometimes war is requisite when the political leadership negotiating global affairs comes to an impasse and leaders of rogue regimes will not yield to what’s best for humankind. Therefore the chances of war are very great, and we should expect such. Please think all this and think on it.