Most Dangerous Man In America

Most Dangerous Man In AmericaThe Most Dangerous Man in AmericaRupert Murdoch. Recognized PsychoticThere was a time when we institutionalized the criminally insane. Why we still don't is a mystery. The best explanation is that it's the only way Republicans can retain their base. Reagan knew that when he closed the mental hospitals. Polls show that 93% of mental patients vote Republican, if they can find their polling place at all.Now, the Republicans have a problem with these people. Unless they're fed a constant diet of garbage, they may commit suicide. Fortunately, for them, Rupert Murdoch, a graduate of the Joseph Goebbels School of Communication, has come to their rescue. As you probably know, this rich crackpot owns Fox News, the most repugnant television program ever aired. It's mission is to parade one nut-job after another. It's scary that anyone watches this trash-bag of angry psychotics who make careers of pushing hate, disinformation and the criminal Zionist agenda, but that's America. But, like all trash-bags, it should be dumped.Although there's never been a person in America who's more deserving of commitment to an insane asylum than Mr. Murdoch, it’s never happened. Instead, this immoral thug continues to wield great influence in forming public opinion. Some people think Fox News is really a news organization because the word "news" is in its title. They don't recognize it as an AA meeting gone bad. Mr. Murdoch was raised in Australia. Apparently, by crocodiles . Some people say that's why his TV station and newspapers are called a "crock of shit." Mr. Murdoch's philosophy of life can best be described as "pass the nuts." Only his money keeps him from being arrested. His army of bodyguards keep the public away from him.Murdoch specializes in finding criminal personalities and letting them preach their twisted philosophy. Glenn Beck, Charles Krauthammer, William Kristol, Bill O'Reilly, Brit Hume, Ann Coulter, Chris Wallace, and other whackos, plus a plethora of nameless, forgettable bimbo-brained sex-pots. In another time, these people would have been hidden in basements. The girls would be working 7th Avenue near the bus station. "Hey, sailor," would be their opening line.Fox News specializes in interviewing the most ignorant people in America. Unless you've flunked a mental exam, you won't be invited to speak. The word is that Fox pays its employees with experimental, "designer" drugs. One purpose of Fox News is to lend credibility to the other mass media, propaganda outlets...CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC. Faux News looks so bad that they look believable by comparison. Some people say that Congress and the President should take control of these outfits and replace their leadership with people who aren't wanted by the police. Some people say the free press is too important and shouldn't be run by psychotics.Do you believe our press should be run by the criminally insane?