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Movie Stars : Travel Cruise ShipIt is likely that you have heard of a themed cruise ship before. Themed cruise ships are popular, all around the world. While most individuals have heard of a themed cruise ship before, many are unaware exactly what they are.  If you are interested in making travel plans aboard a themed cruise ship, there are some vital pieces of information that you must first consider. This information is vital to selecting the themed cruise that best fits your needs.When it comes to themed cruise ships, many individuals automatically think of cruises designed for families with children. Family themed cruise ships are the most popular types of cruises available.  In fact, it is likely that you have heard of a number of these cruise ships before.  One of the most well-known is Disney Cruise Lines.  Disney Cruise Lines offer a wide variety of different cruises that are targeted toward the whole family. Disney is most well-known for are their cartoon characters.  These characters are aboard all themed Disney cruise ships.Disney Cruise Lines is a cruise with a specific theme.  In addition to a cruise with particular cartoon characters, it is possible to book a traditional family cruise.  To be considered a themed cruise cartoon characters do not have to be present. Simply targeting the cruise to individuals with children is enough to have a created a themed cruise ship.  Themed cruise ships with a family focus often include a wide range of services, facilities, and activities that are tailored to children of all ages.While family themed cruise ships are often considered the most popular of all cruise ships, they are not the only themed cruises available.  Another popular themed cruise includes celebrity cruises. A number of different cruise lines offer this popular and highly sought after theme.  Celebrity cruises have special onboard guests.  These guests may include popular television stars, movie stars, and music artists.  Special dinners and autograph sessions are often included in a celebrity cruise.Romance is another theme that many cruise lines focus on.  Romance themed cruises are offered onboard a number of different cruise ships. These cruise ships often target couples.  To keep the ship setting mature and in good nature, an age restriction may be placed on passengers.  Age restrictions are effective at eliminating excess amounts of children aboard a ship that is designed for couples. Romance is a wide theme that covers many categories.  These categories are likely to include honeymoons, weddings, and anniversaries.In addition to the above mentioned themed cruises, there are a number of other cruise ship themes.  These themes may include, but are not limited to, dancing, movies, gambling, and adventure.  Almost all cruises ships have a casino or gaming facility.  It is also possible to find a cruise ship that offer gambling as their theme. These cruises are often referred to as casino cruises.Cruise ships with dancing themes are popular among individuals of all ages.  Despite their wide range of popularity, dancing cruises are often most enjoyed by senior citizens.  Dancing cruises tend to offer a number of different dancing halls. Each of these halls may incorporate a different style of music.  In a way, dancing cruises can also be considered romantic.  There are many travelers who enjoy being able to relax and spend quality time with their dancing partner.Thrill seekers may find fun aboard a cruise ship with an adventure theme. Traditional cruise ship services, facilities, and activities can be found aboard a cruise ship.  In addition to traditional cruise ship services, it is likely that you will find a number of onboard activities designed for those seeking a thrill.  Many of these activities include onboard surfing and rock climbing. The adventure activities found aboard a themed cruise will all depend on the cruise ship in question.  As more cruise ships are being developed, so are the number of activities designed for those who want action and adventure.It is easy to see that there are a number of different themed cruises.  If you are interested in scheduling a vacation aboard a themed cruise ship, you will need to find the cruise ship of your choice. This can most easily be done by searching for the activities or themes that you most enjoy participating in.Tags: Cartoon Characters, Celebrity Cruises, Cruise Disney, Cruise Family, Cruise Ship, Cruise Ships, Disney, Disney Cruise Lines, Family Cruise, Family Focus, Lines Cruise, Movie Stars, Music Artists, Ship Cruise, Television Stars, Theme Cruise, Travel Plans, Vital PiecesYou may have seen advertisements on the television, the radio, or online.  Your celebrity is vacationing aboard a cruise ship and they want you to join them.  The advertisement you heard is for a celebrity cruise.  Celebrity cruises are gaining popularity in the Untied States and all around the world. The question that many want answered is, are they worth the money?Celebrity cruises are not to be confused with the popular Celebrity Cruise Lines.  Celebrity cruises are cruises that are offered by a wide range of different cruise line companies.  The intention of a celebrity cruise is to attract travelers. To do this, celebrity cruises are booked with well-known television stars, movie stars, and musicians.  For some reason, and they are right, cruises lines know that fans follow their idols.If you are interested in determining whether or not a celebrity cruise is worth the money, there are a number of factors that you should first consider. One of the most important factors is the purpose of the cruise.  A number of well-known musicians, television stars, and movie stars are compensated for their appearance.  While this may not have a direct impact your reservation, it may be in your best interest to know.In addition to being compensated for their appearance, a large number of movie stars, television stars, and musicians use a celebrity cruise to promote one of their upcoming shows, movies, or music albums.  It is not guaranteed, but you may be granted behind the scenes information and footage. To many fans, this information makes a celebrity cruise worth it.Promoting a charity or another good cause is another reason why a number of well-know celebrities make the decision to participate in a cruise ship voyage.  If you are interested in promoting a specific charity or cause, you may find it beneficial, in more ways than one, to attend the cruise.  In addition to being able to meet one of your favorite celebrities, you could be helping to bring awareness to one of the many world charities that need assistance.Another important factor to consider when deciding on a celebrity cruise is the amount of time the celebrity will be onboard.  Due to busy schedules, celebrities may be unable to stay onboard for the whole length of the cruise.  To determine whether or not a celebrity cruise is worth the money, you will want to know how long each celebrity will be on board. If they will only be onboard one or two days, you may find that the cruise is not worth your time or money.In addition to the length of a celebrity’s stay, you will want to know when certain promotional events are scheduled. These events should be established ahead of time.  To determine when you may be able to dine with, meet, or get an autograph from your favorite movie star, musician, or television star, you should check the ship’s itinerary.  This will enable you to determine if you will even get a chance to meet the celebrity onboard.It is also important to estimate how many passengers will be the celebrity cruise you wish to take. The number of onboard passengers may have an impact on how much time you get to spend with the cruise ship celebrity.  If there are a large number of onboard passengers and the celebrity will only be on the ship for a short period of time you may be unable to meet with them. This is something that should be closely examined when determining if a celebrity cruise is worth any value to you or your family.Finally, the cost of the celebrity cruise should be closely examined.  The cost of a celebrity cruise is often higher than other traditional cruises.  This is because you are often paying to meet the person who is onboard. That is why it is important to take the above mentioned factors into consideration.Celebrity cruises are nice, but a celebrity is not the only reason why you should plan a vacation on a cruise ship.  You can still enjoy a cruise, with or without a celebrity.Tags: Advertisements, Appearance, Best Interest, Celebrities, Celebrity Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises, Charity, Cruise Companies, Cruise Line, Cruise Ship, Cruises Lines, Important Factors, Intention, Movie Stars, Music Albums, Musicians, Popularity, Stars Television, Television Stars, Travelers