Regzooka divulge – Should I Use Regzooka?

Are you wondering if you should use Regzooka? Well, a group of experts and I have purchased a range of dissimilar registry cleaners and put them to the test to see which software is the most effective for our consumers. Regzooka was among one of those registry cleaners that we have tested.

On paper, Regzooka is an award winning registry cleaner that is created by BluePenguin Software, a technology business that is known for creating systems utility tools for removing spyware. Keep in mind that “award winning” should not be a choosing factor when selecting which software to use because most programs like this have won similar awards.

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Upon doing additional explore on their company, I discovered that they have received a very poor rating in the Bbb (Better business Bureau) business Review. In fact on September 28th 2010, BluePenguin Software had their accreditation revoked by the Bbb’s Board of Directors.

Regzooka divulge – Should I Use Regzooka?

Now that we have reviewed the facts on Regzooka, let me record to you exactly what we discovered after having purchased and tested this program ourselves.

After the results for Regzooka had come in, we were not surprised when we found that this registry cleaner was classified as mediocre among the other programs tested. This software was a fairly decent and had all the important functions to do a acceptable scan on your computer, but lacks some industrialized options and extra features such as the principles Optimizer or Evidence Eraser that we want in these programs.

The interface was not as user-friendly as we hoped for. Some features were incommunicable away and might require a few minutes of digging before you could find them. Novice computer users may not be able to navigate this program as well as industrialized computer users, any way all the basic functions to accomplish a computer scan were naturally laid out.

One thing that set Regzooka apart from the other programs we tested is its 100% certify of error removals. If this software did not clean out 100% of your computer errors, you had 60 days to do a perfect refund. This was a nice option, any way many other programs also offered 100% 60-day money certify if you were not satisfied with the program.

Overall, we give Regzooka 6.5/10 because it is a fairly decent piece of software that could potentially take off all the errors and help speed up your computer performance.

However, within the given price range, there are many other registry cleaners that offer much more in terms of extra features.