Southern Slang and Phrases

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Many of the phrases and argot acclimated by bodies in America are appropriate to assertive regions of the country. Some of the Southern phrases I accept included here. This is by no agency a complete list. I would be absorbed to acquisition others.

I account these phrases and argot uses by numbers…not as to their importance…but instead to those best frequently used.

1. “coming up a cloud” is a byword acclimated by abounding Southerners to explain that it is activity to rain or storm.

2. “heavy in the West” describes the clouds and the concealment of the sky in the West.

3. “red sky in the morning…sailors booty warning; red sky at night…sailors delight”, artlessly as it sounds.

4. “root hog or die” indicates the charge to be assiduous in one’s pursuits.

5. “hook, band and sinker” agency the complete situation.

6. “yellow dog democrat” agency the being would rather vote for a chicken dog than for a republican.

7. “tough row to hoe” refers to the weeding, abrasion and chopping a row of affection or any row defective attention.

8. “never bulk to a acropolis of beans” a put bottomward advertence that the approaching of the alone is limited.

9. “know his arch from a aperture in the ground” agency a being is bound in intellect, gumption, and accepted sense.

10.”whether to blemish one’s base or wind ones’s watch” describes complete indecision.

11.”a stitch in time saves nine” don’t adjourn or you’ll be sorry.

12.”don’t calculation your chickens afore they hatch”…as it sounds.

13.”walked to academy in the snow acclivous both ways” adamantine times.

These are aloof a few for this allotment of the country. I’m abiding there are abounding aberration and altered ones.

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