The Top Five special military Units in The United States military and How They Keep You Safe

U.S. Extra forces teams are among the most elite, highly-trained forces units in the world. You’ve heard of many of them-Seals, Green Berets, and the Air Force Pararescue Unit, to name a few-but what do they as a matter of fact do, what kinds of tactical and survival gear do they use, and how do they, ultimately, keep you and the rest of us safe?

While there are plenty of other special-ops units within the forces that are equally as important, let’s take a look at five of the most widely known units.

The Navy Seals

The U.S. Navy’s Sea, Air, and Land is one of the most elite and highly-trained units in the Navy, as well as one of the most recognizable. An organization with a storied past, the Seals fall under the command of the Naval Extra Warfare Command (Nswc) and Socom.

Seals employ a composition of highly careful training, tactical and survival gear, and other field equipment to: fight terrorism, aid in foreign/domestic internal defense, contribute reconnaissance intel, salvage and recover other forces personnel and more. Seals are assigned some of the most risky and specialized missions-missions that other forces personnel would not normally be able to accomplish. Seals have served the U.S. In Panama, Iraq, Grenada, and Afghanistan.

The Green Berets: ‘De oppresso liber’

The Green Berets, most recognizable by their forces uniforms and trademark headgear, are Extra ops units within the U.S. Army Extra Forces. They specialize generally in Extra reconnaissance and surveillance(Sr), direct operation (Da; short-term operation for Extra causes), counter terrorism, guerrilla warfare (or unconventional warfare: Uw), and foreign defense.

Air Force Pararescue: ‘That Others May Live’

The Air Force Pararescue unit (Afsc) is an elite organization within the U.S. Air Force that specializes in salvage and medical medicine of individuals in hostile or ‘denied’ areas. Members who opt to join this unit feel highly careful training-both bodily and mental-over a duration of one to two years. Up to 90 percent of those who join pararescue training classes never graduate. It’s just that strenuous.

The U.S. Rangers: ‘Sua Sponte’

Officially known as the 75th Ranger Regiment, the U.S. Rangers is a rapidly-deployable infantry unit based out of Fort Benning, Georgia. Roles of Rangers in the forces contain air assault, infiltration and extraction, personnel and asset recovery, and aiding other Extra ops units.

The Naval Extra Warfare amelioration Group (Devgru)

Devru, otherwise known as Seal Team Six, is the unofficial name of someone else elite forces unit in the Navy. Sometimes even more hidden than other Seal team themselves, Devgru is a Tier 1 (known as ‘Black’ ops) unit-Tier 1 operates at the highest level of forces and is typically only accountable to the President of the United States or the Joint Chiefs of Staff. This fact alone means that this unit is not controlled by the usual forces hierarchy; furthermore, the unit is so hidden that even its legal name is classified information.

Many of Devru’s activities and responsibilities are highly classified and, therefore, unknown. One of its missions since its inception has been countering terrorism-using gear and methods not unlike that of other Seal units.


By ruby888