United Nations Arms Trade Treaty Vote


The Us Senate completed vote whole 91 on March 23rd, 2013. Grfa is making a point to post it’s readers as to how the votes went, and to understand just where your States Senators stand on such a vital piece of Legislation. There has been a lot of rumors floating colse to the country with regard to the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty Vote and what it means for the Second Amendment in the Us. For the record, let’s clearly define just what the Senators were voting for/against. Statement of Purpose: “To uphold Second Amendment possession and preclude the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.” This vote clearly has more point than the local/nationwide media are willing to admit. It’s becoming more and more apparent that the current Federal Government’s politicians fight like schoolchildren at every turn. They disagree so often that we must take activity if we’re to see any real legislation passed. Luckily for us, there were just adequate Senators who believe in our Second Amendment and what it represents for our country.


This information is a clear indicator of where your state stacks up against those in favor of the Second Amendment, and those who are finding for radical changes to our basic right to protect ourselves and our families. Here is how the voting went:

Alphabetical by Senator Name:

Yeas —53

Alexander (R-Tn)

Ayotte (R-Nh)

Barrasso (R-Wy)

Begich (D-Ak)

Blunt (R-Mo)

Boozman (R-Ar)

Burr (R-Nc)

Chambliss (R-Ga)

Coats (R-In)

Coburn (R-Ok)

Cochran (R-Ms)

Collins (R-Me)

Corker (R-Tn)

Cornyn (R-Tx)

Crapo (R-Id)

Cruz (R-Tx)

Donnelly (D-In)

Enzi (R-Wy) Fischer (R-Ne)

Flake (R-Az)

Graham (R-Sc)

Grassley (R-Ia)

Hagan (D-Nc)

Hatch (R-Ut)

Heinrich (D-Nm)

Heitkamp (D-Nd)

Heller (R-Nv)

Hoeven (R-Nd)

Inhofe (R-Ok)

Isakson (R-Ga)

Johanns (R-Ne)

Johnson (R-Wi)

Kirk (R-Il)

Lee (R-Ut)

Manchin (D-Wv)

McCain (R-Az) McConnell (R-Ky)

Moran (R-Ks)

Murkowski (R-Ak)

Paul (R-Ky)

Portman (R-Oh)

Pryor (D-Ar)

Risch (R-Id)

Roberts (R-Ks)

Rubio (R-Fl)

Scott (R-Sc)

Sessions (R-Al)

Shelby (R-Al)

Tester (D-Mt)

Thune (R-Sd)

Toomey (R-Pa)

Vitter (R-La)

Wicker (R-Ms)

Nays —46

Baldwin (D-Wi)

Baucus (D-Mt)

Bennet (D-Co)

Blumenthal (D-Ct)

Boxer (D-Ca)

Brown (D-Oh)

Cantwell (D-Wa)

Cardin (D-Md)

Carper (D-De)

Casey (D-Pa)

Coons (D-De)

Cowan (D-Ma)

Durbin (D-Il)

Feinstein (D-Ca)

Franken (D-Mn)

Gillibrand (D-Ny) Harkin (D-Ia)

Hirono (D-Hi)

Johnson (D-Sd)

Kaine (D-Va)

King (I-Me)

Klobuchar (D-Mn)

Landrieu (D-La)

Leahy (D-Vt)

Levin (D-Mi)

McCaskill (D-Mo)

Menendez (D-Nj)

Merkley (D-Or)

Mikulski (D-Md)

Murphy (D-Ct)

Murray (D-Wa)

Nelson (D-Fl) Reed (D-Ri)

Reid (D-Nv)

Rockefeller (D-Wv)

Sanders (I-Vt)

Schatz (D-Hi)

Schumer (D-Ny)

Shaheen (D-Nh)

Stabenow (D-Mi)

Udall (D-Co)

Udall (D-Nm)

Warner (D-Va)

Warren (D-Ma)

Whitehouse (D-Ri)

Wyden (D-Or)

Now, if you want to protect your right to keep and bear arms, use this vote at the polls to make your voice heard. While it’s foremost to have a clear balance in Government, it should be noted that only Democrats voted in favor of allowing the United Nations the power to settle the fate of our Second Amendment. It should also be noted that there were a few Democrats who voted to keep the United Nations out of our country’s basic Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Rather than list them individually, plainly study the chart above to learn where your state stood on this very foremost vote. It’s very discouraging as to just how close we came on this. With 53 Yea’s, and 46 Nay’s, we clearly have some work to do at the polls if we want to ensure our Second Amendment freedom.