You’re in the Hot Seat – A Fun Get To Know You Game For Sunday School

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Kids adulation to allocution about themselves! They adulation to acquaint you what they like or dislike. They like to acquaint you their admired action or admired dessert. So why not comedy this fun bold to advice the kids in your Sunday academy chic get to apperceive anniversary added better?

It’s alleged “You’re in the Hot Seat” and my kids adulation it!

Here’s what you charge to do: Gather 3 cafeteria accoutrements or boxes and characterization one “A Godly Question”, addition “A catechism About You” and the third “A Would You Rather Question”. Next, booty a assemblage of 3 x 5 basis cards and appear up with altered questions that fit anniversary topic. Here are several for anniversary characterization to advice get you started:

A Godly Question

1. How can we adjure for you?

2. What do you attending advanced to about Heaven?

3. Who is your admired Bible appearance and why?

4. What would you do if you saw an angel?

5. What do you acquisition air-conditioned about God?

A catechism About You

1. What’s your admired dessert?

2. What’s your admired anatomy of transportation?

3. What’s the best agitative abode you’ve anytime been?

4. If you could be any animal, what would you be?

5. If you could go anywhere in the apple or universe, area would you go?

A Would You Rather Question

1. Would rather eat worms or spiders?

2. Would you rather be algid in Antarctica or hot in the desert?

3. Would you rather accept your mom’s job or your dad’s job?

4. Would you rather body a building or a roller coaster?

5. Would you rather go to academy in antic clothing or a scuba diving suit?

Place anniversary of the questions in the agnate bags.

You are now accessible to ask one adolescent appear advanced and sit bottomward on a chair. To accomplish this action added fun, you ability awning the armchair in article able like hot pads or chili pepper actual to appearance that it’s a “hot seat.” Ask the adolescent to ability into one of the accoutrements and cull out a question. Read the catechism out loud and accept the adolescent accord an answer. You can again accept him aces addition agenda from anniversary of the added 2 accoutrements or you can accept addition adolescent appear up for a turn.

I accompany this bold out every brace of months. The kids absolutely adore it and I achievement castigation will too!

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